What's up with pocket listing Facebook groups?

What's up with pocket listing Facebook groups?

Facebook plays a vital role in business marketing, especially in real estate.

Today I want to talk to you guys about the Facebook Group situation with pocket listings and how you guys will find pocket listings on Facebook groups.

Believe it or not, Facebook has like a gazilion groups dedicated to pocket listings.

It's difficult, it's time-consuming and tedious to go through each and every single Facebook group to find pocket listings for your clients. What's more, is that they are now getting spammed with other service providers who sometimes have NOTHING to do with Real Estate (garage sale items, boat sales, etc).

All these problems boil down to one thing.. No Group Moderation.

There is a solution to these that we have in Duvora which will be much more helpful to real estate agents.

What are the major benefits of joining our community?

The presence of round-the-clock moderators.

We have our communities broken up into farm areas so basically what that means is that if you are an agent in Los Angeles, you will be asigned to the Los Angeles group. If you're an agent in Tennessee, you will be asigned to the Tennessee group and so on.

Now these groups are spam free and they are moderated by my team and there's about from five to six people 24/7 on each group moderating it.

It's easy to use because it looks a lot like a Facebook Groups wherein you can come in and you can post, trade, talk, like, block. It's somehow similar to Facebook, but it is specifically structured for Real Estate Agents.

There are other huge differences as well.

The pocket listings and buyer-needs you post to our community gets added to our database. That means you will get alerts when buyer-needs come into the system and get matched to pocket listings.

It's an extremely powerful way to close off-market (pocket) listings and close your buyer needs.

Everything is Connected

I cannot stress enough that everything you enter into the system is connected. Whether it be buyer-needs to pocket listings, buyer-needs to real estate agents, pocket listings to buyer-needs, etc. etc. You'll always get alerts, you'll always get connected to potential deals.

These are just some of the Major benefits of joining our community.

  • Agent community specific to your area
  • There are 24/7 moderators
  • No SPAM
  • Exclusive for Agents only. No service providers allowed.
  • Everything is connected
  • It is forever Free!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to sign up to Duvora to experience the comfort of all these benefits in doing your real estate job.

If there's anything that I can assist you with, if you're not assigned to a group or if you don't see your group or your group is not in here yet, you can start one or you can ping me at support@duvora.com and I'll be glad to create a group and get it started for you.

I hope you guys have an incredible morning, incredible afternoon and incredible night. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

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