When we're no longer consistent, we become stagnant and frustrated. Today's post is for newly licensed agents who are trying to keep the momentum going.


I’d like to give you my tips, my two-cents, on how to keep the momentum going as a new agent going thru this hot seller’s market:

Leverage every success that you have (no matter how big or how small)

Celebrate and leverage all the small wins whether it's gaining a new client, a successful showing, or finding a client a short-term rental.

Every client you gain you should utilize their sphere to your advantage.

Know your clients on a more personal note. In that way you may be able to gain the clients’ trust in order to build a certain connection with them. Once the client trusts you, they will recommend you to their friends, relatives, colleague and community.

For example, rather than giving too much focus on looking for properties for them (which you should do), you should also be learning about their sphere of influence and their sphere's particular needs. Who do they know?

Who are they friends with? Anybody in the family looking to rent? Anybody in the area who has had a property for a long time and are looking to sell?

They can also have some specific information in the area that you don’t know about. They will most likely have more information about the person down the street than you do.

Milk them for every bit of information that you can.

Every single bit of these information is going to carry your business further. It’s going to lead to bigger successes. You would want to utilize these relationships that build you up until you reach the higher listings client which leads to a steady stream of business for you.

Follow top-producing agents in your area, rather than online gurus.

I'm all for following success and your best bet would be with tenured and top-producing agents in your area rather than online gurus who promise you the world for a $900 video course.

Learn their tips, tricks and their method of doing business.

Observe how they work and function in the community. We discussed some of these practices by top producing agents such as being active in the community and maintaining strong connection with other people.

Be curious where they are most participative with - in the younger or older community, could be specific area, or demographic, etc.

Find out what these top realtors do differently that you are not yet doing and make it work for you.

Own your time.

We have a dedicated blog post for this topic where I tell you about this specific habit of top-producing agents where they break up their goals for the entire year, break them into more manageable days and those days be broken up into 30-minutes chunks.

You should check out that blog post as it is more detailed with some helpful tools to help you accomplish owning your time and be a master at time management.

Find a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and use it religiously.

Always get a CRM.

I still see a lot of newer agents who are still using spreadsheets and that's just not gonna cut it. This business, real estate, is always high frequency and newer agents need to be more productive.

You need to be more engaged in a cycle of meeting new people and doing follow-ups and leveraging those relationships into bigger relationships, following up with those relationships and so on...

The only way to accomplish it is thru a CRM with tools incorprated and are automated to alert you when you need to follow up .

Outwork the role model in the office.

Look for that one person in the office that works the hardest and out work him/her.

If they stay an hour late, you need to stay an hour and a half late. If they go with two listings a day, you need to go on four.

You need to be above all the noise and be this machine that has this routine that outworks everyone to capture all the opportunities that you want.

You're in the beginning of your business where you want to keep your sales funnels as wide as possible. You need to capture everything and then filter the funnel into your main clients.

Offer to work for top producers for FREE.

You are the people that you hang around with and if you offer your services with your talents or skills upfront to these top realtors chances are they are going to take it and you are going to catch their habits. They are also going to influence you to push your game.

In order to get something in return you are going to offer your skills (be it any talent, database management, maybe you are good with a software) for free. This will be the best education you're gonna get - better than any education you can buy.

Stay Healthy and Positive.

Keep yourself, your mind, your body and attitude healthy.

Don't eat a drive-thu burger in your car and call it dinner.

Embrace all the positivity that you need in order to be motivated and energized. Cut all the negativity in your life - it doesn't matter where it comes from. Negativity is a loop and you need to separate yourself from it.

This will be a very busy industry and there's no room for any negativity. Surround yourself with goal-oriented people who has the same ideals as you are.Do not be afraid to fail. Always charge it to experience. Keep in mind that true failure is when you stop trying.


Let's take a look at those pointers to help you keep your momentum going:

  • Leverage every success that you have.
  • Follow top realtors in your area.
  • Own your time.
  • Find a CRM.
  • Out work everyone in the office.
  • Hang around top-producing agents.
  • Stay Healthy and Positive.

I hope this blog motivates you in your journey of becoming the best agent you can be.

If there are any success stories that you want to share that might help new agents out there, or advices that you can give, please feel free to share. You can send it to support@duvora.com. Your support is very much appreciated.

Till my next post.....See you soon!

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