Is Twitter for real estate agents?

This social media platform is filled with millennials who are by the way driving the real estate market and they seem to have a different language there with hashtags (#), mentions (@), and...have you heard of "shookt"?

It might seem daunting especially if you haven't started using it but you'll be surprised how much impact utilizing this social media platform can have on leveling up your real estate game.

How does Twitter enter your lead generation strategy?

Our friends from Follow Up Boss have an exceptional guide on the complete benefits and ground rules for Realtors when using Twitter in their lead generation.

In the article, it is mentioned that Twitter has approximately 300 million active users and most of its users check their accounts daily.

Imagine capturing even just a small percentage of that? What's good about Twitter is that it's interactive and lively which makes it a good source of leads for your business.

Click below to read the full article by Follow Up Boss to seriously improve your marketing strategy on Twitter:

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