This Month’s 5 Most Popular Real Estate Agent Posts On Duvora

This Month’s 5 Most Popular Real Estate Agent Posts On Duvora

Another month is coming to an end and we are already halfway thru 2018 - how time flies so quickly. I've learned a lot with speaking to different agents everyday, knowing about their pain points and exchanging ideas on how they overcome them.

I always want to share with you guys these ideas I pick up from having conversations with realtors about their struggles and solutions to some of the most common challenges us real estate agents, sellers or even buyers face in this business.

It's no surprise that this month's most popular blog posts cover some of those topics and some success stories from other agents to inspire.

This Month's 5 Most Popular Blog Posts

1. 10 Realtors who are killing it on Twitter

In this article, the importance of being a creative sales agent was given emphasis. It was mentioned that social media is a powerful tool for us to use to gain more clients.

Twitter is a widely known social media platform and who would've thought that it can be used by a realtor to their advantage.

Each and everyone of the Realtors on our list have different strategies and techniques on how to gain clients. Some of them use MEMES or funny pics, using photos of luxury homes and sceneries, using quotes and informational articles, using 1-on-1 conversational approach.


The Realtors who are killing it on Twitter are:

  1. The Broke Agent - 46.8K Followers
  2. Bill Gassett - 32.3K Followers
  3. Lorre Burden - 28.8K Followers
  4. Carla Carlson - 27.5K Followers
  5. Amy Chorew - 21.7K Followers
  6. Jeffrey C. Hogue - 18.8K Followers
  7. Lisa Archer - 17K Followers
  8. Sue Adler - 11K Followers
  9. Debbie Drummond - 10.3K Followers
  10. Xavier De Buck - 9.2K Followers

Read more about them >>

2. 5 Things Affecting Your Home Value (and how you can increase it)

This blog post has been very helpful not only to Realtors but to sellers or homeowners as well.

It is essential to know the factors affecting the value of your home. We've tackled that those factors are neighborhood, historical sale price, the market, negative history, and age/condition.

We also shed light on what can actually increase its value given these factors - making improvement . Upgrading your kitchen, internal paint, yard improvements, flooring. These are just some of the improvements that you can do to increase a home's value.

Read more about increasing your home's value >>


3. 3 Realtors who have mastered LinkedIn

I made a blog about the realtors who are using Twitter as a tool for reaching out to clients. But in this post, I introduced the Masters of LinkedIn.

Linkedin as I have mentioned in the blog is a social media platform which is specifically designed to cater the business community.

Users of LinkedIn are more engaged in a more business type of activity as compared to Facebook/Twitter which is more social.

In this blog we also learned that there's no specific formula or method on how to excel. Different strategies, ways and creativity can all achieve success.

The 3 Real Estate Masters of LinkedIn are:

  1. Bill Gassett
  2. Christophe Choo
  3. Debbie Drummond

Read more about why they made the list >>


4. Agent Spotlight: Bill Gassett

In this article, we featured a real veteran in the industry - Bill Gassett.

We have come to know that he was influenced by his father to become a real estate agent and get a license. We are all witnesses of how good of a decision he has made because he has been successfully selling real estate since he was 19.

Bill is also well known for his outstanding skills of creating educational real estate contents and use them effectively to educate and grow his business.

We sat down and talked to him personally and what we've learned is that you need a huge amount of dedication and persistence to achieve substantial success in this industry.

Read our interview transcript here >>


5. What should a new agent do to keep their momentum going?

This article is dedicated to newly licensed agents who I really enjoy reaching out to for giving inspiration and getting some fresh ideas as well.

Here we talked about their biggest struggle in the industry as new realtors:

How to keep the momentum going?
How to keep the fire burning?

We've discussed some out of the box thinking type of ways to overcome this challenge in our careers especially for those who are new in the industry: Celebrating every success no matter how big or how small, the importance of following and catching some practices of top-producing agents in their area, becoming a master in time management, utilizing CRMs, outworking the best worker in the office, offering free services to top agents for free, and simply staying healthy and positive.

Read more about these tips here to keep you motivated >>


There you have it. This month's 5 most popular posts.

Thank you to every single person who has taken the time to read our blog posts.

I am beyond grateful that you guys have been sharing these posts letting us know you learn from it and I also want to thank you for sending me messages thru our email telling me what you learned, what worked and what didn't. Please tell us what you'd like to read or learn about next.

I will do my best to continue producing meaningful content for our community about what's exciting with real estate in the coming days, months or even years. You can check them all out in our blog page

I really appreciate your continued support and I hope to see you guys in my next blog post. Have a powerful day everyone.

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