Each and every industry across the world is greatly affected of the ever-changing technology and Real Estate is no exception. Technology has changed the way real estate functions profoundly without reducing the importance of people working in the field.

But as we all know, there's always a room for improvement. There will always be new innovations which agents ca use to accomplish tasks more effectively and efficiently.

At Duvora, we talk to different agents everyday, every week or every month about what do they need in their business, what do they want to achieve, what will make it easier for them to close more deals, to generate more leads, to connect to pocket listings.

By the help of having all these information on hand, we put them all together and create products.

The latest product that I want to introduce to you is an SMS Personal Assistant for real estate agents that we'll be rolling out SOON - we'll be releasing it in a week and a half or two - and I really want you guys to be part of our waitlist.

What will the SMS Personal Assistant do?

You will receive a phone number, from us, that you can easily pull up from your phone or iPad or any device that you are using, and you'll be able to text our team, and... let's just say we're basically your partner in the field.

  • We'll search pocket listings, on-demand, and send them back to you via SMS
  • We'll search public record or data
  • We'll search buyer needs
  • We post your pocket listings
  • We find service recommendations (electrician, interior designer, pool guy, landscaper, anything!) - we even set up appointments as well.

Take a look at what makes it even better:

  • No confusing interfaces
  • No apps to download
  • Nothing other than text messaging is needed
  • It's FREE for beta testers

SEND A TEXT MESSAGE to a real person who can understand your question and act on it quickly.

It's as easy as texting a FRIEND

Imagine you are at an open house and somebody asked you,
"You know, I would love to have a pocket listing in this area, do you know anything off market?"
Not being able to asnwer that kind of puts you at a disadvantage. What you can do is you SIMPLY TEXT US what you're looking for and we will respond back with all the information and data that you need.

Become one of our beta testers NOW

You can check out the SMS Personal Assistant page and simply click on the "JOIN WAITLIST" button at the top right.

This also comes with full access to our pocket listing platform - one of the fastest growing pocket listing in the industry. Please sign up to our waitlist today.

I encourage you guys to become our beta testers and give us feedback on how we can improve our products for your business.

I will be more than willing to help you guys with anything that you need. Always, you can reach me at support@duvora.com

Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow!

Agents, Get Early Access To The Most Advanced Pocket Listing Platform Available