Dealing with setbacks? Did someone cross you? How do you get over it..

This probably means that this whole "real estate thing" is not panning out they way you planned it. You might feel that you are being held back from achieving what you want and the goals you are after just seem out of reach.

That feeling of "so close yet so far" is really frustrating.

Your seller pulls the listing...A client ditches you for another agent... etc. etc. etc.

These are just few of the examples of instances that you might feel frustrated with as a real estate agent.

Truth is, there will always be setbacks in your business, however the real damage is done when you start to dwell excessively on the frustrations and ignore the important tasks you need to accomplish everyday to push your business forward.


Don't dwell on it too much

Disappointment or frustration is unavoidable. No matter how hard you plan or how ready and equipped you are, there are certain factors which are out of your control.

Dwelling on your frustrations won't change the situation.

What I've seen that most agents do instead especially the top-producing ones is that they talk about it and get it out of their systems for a very short period of time before jumping right back in the game.

They allocate a specific timeframe whether it be 15 minutes, 5 minutes even to as short as 3 minutes to analyze and dwell on their setbacks.

Don't ignore it but give yourself ample time to process what happened.

You cannot stop it from happening. Some agents will do you wrong, people will do you wrong, buyers and sellers will do you wrong but dwelling on it won't make it right.

Find your "destresser"

Hit the gym.
Go for a run.
Climb a mountain.
Punch your pillows.

Do whatever it takes you need to do to get over these frustrations. You need to find your own space or an activity that you feel the most comfortable. This is beneficial for you to help you overcome the disappointments and get you back in the game.

Accept that frustration is not a "one-time" thing

You need to accept that frustration is part of success and that on your journey there will be more that will come your way.

The first time you experience it, it's really horrible... but the more years you have in this business, it's going to affect you less and less until you're able to be this prospecting, listing or selling machine.

Learning the ways to manage all of these frustrations and putting it in a tight timeframe that you need to deal with that disappointment before getting back in the business is essential.


If faced with frustration, give it a little time before you jump right back in the game.

Speak to people, reach out to me, to people who you think might help you. Most importantly - you need to look within yourself.

Frustration is a tool for SUCCESS

View frustration as an opportunity to take a break, regroup your thoughts and regain your enthusiasm and you'll come out as a better prospecting machine than you were before.

I hope this post helps you. If there's anything you want to talk to me about, if you have stories of disappointments and frustrations and how were you able to overcome it, we can exchange experiences and help each other out. You can send it to

'Til my next post, see you guys later and have a powerful day!

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