Close more deals by changing your mindset

Having the right mindset as a real estate agent takes a lot of practice. However the rewards to your business can be substantial.

Close more deals by changing your mindset

After spending the afternoon trolling through Active Rain, I stumbled upon this brilliant post by Ron and Alexandra Seigel which really fueled my curiosity.


A New & Different Perspective: Is It A Problem or A Puzzle?
by Ron and Alexandra Seigel wrote the following:

"When you think in terms of having a problem you often introvert, it becomes part of you; it burdens you and becomes part of your identity."

"When you solve a puzzle you extrovert and the situation becomes objective vs. subjective. You see it outside of yourself."

As Quincy Jones says, “The moment you see your challenges as a puzzle & not a've found your way out”.

As real estate agents, "problems" are unavoidable - however, it dawned on me that it's really how you perceive the idea of a problem....and turn it into a "puzzle" instead.

So how do we do this?

Well, it's easier said than done..

However there are certain exercises you can do daily to retrain your mind into finding pleasure in problems.

1. Solve small, daily puzzles.

How many cars can fit in that space if parked a different way? What is the quickest route through the grocery store in order to find all my items?
Ask questions to small, sometimes insignificant puzzles during your daily routine to "flex" your problem solving muscles.

2. Play games (but not obscessively).
Sodoku, Word Jumble, Chess, Scrabble, etc. Make it fun and exciting to help you train your brain to extract joy from the challenge.

3. Read and study other people's solutions.
Some say that history is our greatest teacher. Studying successful people (or Realtors) who have faced many odds yet have come out on top will definitely turbocharge those puzzle solving braincells.

"This reminds me of the monkeys who were locked in a cage with a typewriter. At some point & time, they learn to type. Puzzling at first, problem solved in time" - Richard Alan Naggar


Susan Hale, Realtor at Re/Max in Defiance, OH has this to say...


"I loved the game Concentration as a child. When I first started my Real Estate career it reminded of this game. Finding the house match for each customer."

"I can imagine you have a niche in that you both go to listing appointments and what one forgot to say the other thinks of. Your customers get two Realtors for the price of one! "

"My Re/Max brand, 39 years experience, honesty, reliability, accessibility, sales records, community involvement and online exposure are my better Realtor qualities."

"I start the day out with thanking God for each day, events that will happen, that I'll be in the right place at the right time and wisdom. I've heard the phrase "and this too shall pass."

"If something difficult comes my way I know to work thru it to the best of my ability and focus on the positive things in my life and the many other customers who were wonderful to work with. "

If you start your day with appreciation, along with the proper mindset, your business will experience substantial growth.

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