How to get your hustle back.

Los Angeles has always been swirling mixture of dreamers, transplanted-visionaries and culturally progressive thinkers.

How to get your hustle back.

Los Angeles has always been swirling mixture of dreamers, transplanted-visionaries and culturally progressive thinkers. The general population in L.A. goes about their daily routines hypnotically fixated on their inner-thoughts and inner-self.

This perception of individuality is noticed often by out-of-town visitors; you will hear them ask “why is there is no sense of community in L.A.?”

Well, there are thriving communities in Los Angeles.

The communities here are not easily visible from the surface; rather they have developed into almost counter-cultures, made from ethnic groups who highly value the bonds of family and community above all else.

Being in the real estate business, I have the pleasure of meeting and learning about many different cultures on a daily basis. One of the most vibrant and rich cultures in Los Angeles can be found in the Persian community.

The Persian community in Los Angeles consists of immigrants and their decedents from Iran, Armenia and surrounding areas. In fact, Southern California boasts the largest population of Iranians in the world, outside of Iran.

Persians are strong individuals. They are forged from generations of struggle, political revolutions and reformation of cultural identity. Speaking from my experience, they are one of the most highly-educated and savvy business people in the area. In particular, they seem to have a natural gift for developing and trading real estate.

So what can be learned from one of the oldest cultures on Earth about wealth, real estate and business?

Family is the core. It is the strength. It is the bond upon which wealth is developed, legacies are created and passed on through generations. Providing for the family and the fear of losing opportunity, are the forces which drive their hustle.

In my daily observations, I see a lot of people always desperately searching for motivation — they want to find that one reason to get up in the morning and get motivated for the day. They look endlessly at motivational inspirational quotes on Instagram. They sign up for a week-long retreats which promise to get them in the “right frame of mind”. On their morning jog, they listen to a random motivational podcast (something with “hustle” in the title).

Many Americans I meet, especially in Southern California, think that they have hustle. But really, do any of us have “850 BC year-old culture, recently escaping the 1979 Iranian Revolution” hustle?

What if the answer was not only to look forward to present-day visionaries and role models, but to also look backward to history? It’s been said many times that “history tends to repeat itself”, so what is the common theme we can take from the past to overcome obstacles and fuel our inner-drive to succeed in the future?

Here’s the secret. The be-all-end-all solution to gain your daily motivation:

Appreciation. That’s it.

Learning to appreciate your family, your opportunities and your life is an art form — it takes practice. It takes observation of other people and cultures who have been successful at it for a very long time and assimilating their attitudes into your own.

If you were to give a phrase to your day, what would it be? What exactly (please be honest) would be going through your head right now? Would it be something like, “everywhere I look my competition is beating me, they are younger than me, they come from an ivy-league education, they have money, they are smarter, etc”

What if it were phrased a different way, “God has blessed me. I have an opportunity like no other time in history and I am going to use it. I will overcome ANY obstacles put in my way because myself and my family are counting on me and they believe in me”.

Think about how your life and attitude would be revitalized if you were to simply practice the art of appreciation just a little bit everyday. Also, think about how your life would be if you lost the things you have now; such as your family, your health, your opportunity to grow a multi-million dollar business in a free country, etc.

Like a muscle, your appreciation will be strengthened over time. It will revitalize your attitude and fuel your motivation.

Always take advantage of today, because tomorrow is never promised.