How To Get More Listings in This Seller's Market

How To Get More Listings in This Seller's Market

"Real estate agents have to list to last."

This old saying is true no matter what market we are in but for this post I'd like to give attention to some techniques and strategies that I've been seeing used in our current market; i.e., an ultra-hot seller's market.

It is tough to get inventory, it's difficult to find people that are selling, it's also difficult to get anything going with your buyers who are getting frustrated because someone outbid them, etc.

I want to tell you guys one key point about getting listings in this type of market:

Empty Nesters.

You guys know who they are.

Couples who have kids grown up and moved out from their house, their house is too big to manage, etc. Find them, talk to them and uncover their pain points and offer them solutiions.

Value Propositions for Empty Nesters

► The idea of downsizing a big home

Imagine a couple, who had kids and their kids have had kids and they are all grown up and left their home. Now, the couple - they're sitting in this big house alone and it's starting to get a bit depressing.

It's too much to manage, requires too much cleaning, requires too much storage, everything is too much.

The idea about downsizing is a viable option.

► Settling in a quieter area

What puts a little boost on communicating with the empty nesters is when you have a lot of new construction in the area so there's a lot of noise all day long. What's worse is when they are living next door to an under-construction house that's going to be built in the next two years.

Imagine the amount of daily noise they must endure.

► The idea of moving to a place closer to their children/grandchildren

Since there are lesser people living inside the house, the empty feeling expands. Their kids' rooms are just gathering dust and they might not have all the time and energy to keep cleaning them.

It's not to say they don't love their house anymore, after all that's where they gathered a lot of special memories.

They can still be involved in their children's or grandchildren's lives by moving to a new place that's smaller or more manageable and closer to their loved ones.

This is also an opportunity for them to possibly meet new people and keep their social lives active.

Understand empty nesters and give them a value proposition that will make them think about their new life chapter, purpose and direction

We need to focus our energy to these values when talking to empty nesters.

That's where you come in. It's up to you on how you'll be able to convince them. Expertly discuss these matters. Maybe you can encourage them to move to a condo or something much more manageable for them, or maybe out of state.

This is where I can see success coming in this market.

You have the factors of:

  • The big house, kids already moved out
  • Maybe they can move closer to their kids in a smaller place and,
  • There's a lot of construction going on in their area

If you guys look for those three patterns and focus your marketing efforts on those three different factors I believe that you'll be getting more and more listings in this seller's market.

I hope this helps you guys, share with me your thoughts and if it worked or if it didn't, I sure want to hear all your stories. Hit me up at

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, stay cool ☼ , and have a powerful day.

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