Look around you and maximize what you see. Most of the time it is already there waiting to be revealed. So keep yourself open to grab every opportunity.

We have discussed on part 1 and part 2 of this blog series the value in building your own team.

Always be prospecting for newer agents.

This doesn't mean that you ever need to start poaching agents from other brokerages, but you need to have a keen eye for talent - wherever and whenever you might find it.

Learn to see unique qualities in people, then introduce them to real estate

Most everyone can name a person in their community who has something exceptional about them.

Some have exceptional people skills, some have insane technology skills, etc. The trick is to recognize how these skills could be assimilated into your business.

Offer them a part-time position, or invite them to a showing or one of your open houses to observe what it might be like to work in real estate.

Are they frustated in their current jobs? Perhaps they feel that their talents aren't really being expressed (or monetized) to their full potential.

This is where you come in. Invite them. Mentor them and (most importantly) help them acheive their goals, while you acheive yours.

Most of the time, a team of a kick-ass real estate agents just happen to stumble into sales by accident. I don't know of many agents who dreamt of being a real estate agent when they grow up. However I'm sure they're glad that someone along the way helped them unleash their true potential.

So what are some things to look for?

  • Amazing Customer Service. Someone that will go out of their way just to satisfy a customer.
  • Excellent Attitude. Someone who always has a positive outlook in life, someone who makes you feel light when around.
  • An Entrepreneurial Spirit. Someone who seem to be content with what he or she is doing.
  • Rock Solid Motivation. Someone who is full of energy, so that it’s contagious.

Have you ever tried noticing those who seem angry working and see a big difference with someone who seems happy with what they’re doing? You would want those type of talent to be in your team.

People who have a great set of skills are OFTEN in the wrong position.

You should always be prospecting. ala A.B.P.

You should be observant and try to connect with more people in your community on personal level - learn what they are good at just like what we discussed from part 1 of our series.

You will be able to start a good relationship with them, which, as discussed on the previous article, is an A+ in building your team.

There you have it – the pointers in building your kick-ass real estate team.

It’s in your hands now but expect there will be a lot of challenges and frustrations here and there but there will also be more success stories that’s going to happen and a lot of learning along the way.

I’m so happy that you’re venturing into this journey and I wish you all the best! Keep it up! Thank you so much for being here. Keep reading our other blog posts for more news, updates, and tips in being the best real estate agent you can be.

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