How the #DeleteFacebook movement affects Realtors.

Facebook's latest data breach has more than a few users uneasy about their personal data - but how will it affect realtors?

How the #DeleteFacebook movement affects Realtors.

In a landslide decision today, the world was shaken when the famed Elon Musk deleted not one, but all of his Facebook accounts.

Facebook's latest data breach has more than a few users uneasy about their personal data - in fact, it's caused an entire movement to spread through the interwebs with the appropriate hashtag #DeleteFacebook

I actually spoke about this to Inman News in regards to how real estate agents are affected by Facebook's policies, where I stated the following:


"Absolutely this will push more professionals into leaving the platform, especially in the real estate sector."

"It's not only a factor of security, but many individual agents have spent countless funds on "boosting" their posts, pages, listings, etc. in order to build their brand around their business page."

"The problem is, Facebook has demonstrated time and time again that they are willing to drastically change their policies around how their algorithms rank business pages, leaving real estate agents at a monetary loss and lack of clarity to the effectiveness of how they are reaching their audience."

"Facebook has become a global social network which cannot effectively police its third-party application platform - leaving users to basically fend for themselves during these personal data breaches."

So as a real estate agent, I ask you...

  • What if this movement really gains ground?

  • What if users (your potential clients) start leaving Facebook in favor of another service?

  • Will all your time and energy (and MONEY) be wasted on those years of boosting your posts, pages and running targeted ads?

I don't know..

Like most things, it's too early to tell.

But here's what I do know..

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