How can Realtors demonstrate their value in this seller's market?

How can Realtors demonstrate their value in this seller's market?

The real estate market is insanely hot right now. It's the seller's market and a lot of sellers are taking advantage of it - sometimes taking everything in their own hands and giving the impression that no one needs agents anymore.

Statistics show that if you get assisted by a real estate agent for selling your house, you're going to get substantially more money than in trying to sell it on your own.

Finding and expressing your value as an agent is what sets you apart from everyone else. One way to provide instant value to your clients is providing them with information.

We have already tackled this topic with another blog post about the death of traditonal brokerages as we see it today and I want you guys to check out that article too.

You can extract the value of the information you have based on your knowledge of:

  • Specific information on your farm area
  • Knowledge of off-market pocket listings
  • Knowledge of buyers interested in off market listings

Another important note is that it's not only what type of information you have but how fast you can get it, how accurate it is, and at what volume you can convey to the client that's going to matter.

You want to be the agent that is in the know or in the zone.

You're gonna have to have more (and more accurate) information than everyone else.

You need to have stronger answers, available on demand. This way you can communicate it to the client who is expected to be totally dependent on you, faster and more efficiently.

I don't expect you to do a lot of researching although that is crucial too. Only it's time consuming and all that information will drive you crazy.

So imagine if you can have that collective information available right at the palm of your hands - how great of a difference will that make?

That's why I want you guys to check out our platform We're one of the fastest growing off-market pocket listing database available today. It displays information in an easy to navigate interface and you can even have the pocket listings filtered by most any criteria you can think of.

Now, having this type of platform is great, but how can you get information to your fingertips EVEN FASTER??

You need to check out our newest product which we will be releasing in 6 days - the SMS Personal Assistant for Real Estate Agents available at

This is basically our online platform's entire data sphere of:

  • Off-market pocket listings
  • Public data
  • Buyer needs
  • Seller needs
  • Service recommendations
  • Owner Information
  • Much, much more

All these available thru something that's as simple as sending a text message to our staff.

This product was highlighted as well on a previous blog post. It's FREE for our beta testers and I strongly encourage you guys to join our waitlist to experience this awesome tool and give us feedback for any improvement needed with it. We only need your e-mail address.

Let the clients see your value and CHOOSE YOU.

Sign up without any hassle for our service where your value as an agent can be brought to you thru your mobile phone.

Check out our products and tools which will definitely set you apart from all the struggling agents or agents having a hard time convincing their clients to trust them among the rest.

As always you can write to me thru about anything, I love hearing from you. I hope this post adds value to you guys, have a powerful day and I will see you again tomorrow!

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