Finding homes for your clients is, well, a full-time job. On the one hand, you are drawing from your experience in order to find them the perfect home, yet on the other hand you are searching like a crazy person on the MLS as well as reaching out to your agent friends, searching pocket listing sites, checking facebook groups, etc.

It can be daunting.

At Duvora, we're doing everything we can to provide tools and processes to "connect" the world of real estate - specifically, to connect your clients to homes that perfectly fit their needs. Duvora is a network of agents and software, all working together to acheive common goals.

One committment that we've made is how we've dedicated ourselves to categorizing and matching off-market, pocket listings to your client's "buyer needs", and vice-versa.

Creating order from, well, chaos hasn't been easy. But having a place where you as an agent can search pocket listings as well as buyer needs from other agents, and have everything MATCHED together into potential "deals" is very exciting.

In our commitment to supporting real estate workflows, we’re excited to announce 3 new integrations that are available today:

Pocket Listing Search - Search from a currated, hourly updated database of pocket listings, "Coming Soon" listings and even homeowner contacts. Our database is updated more often than anyone in the industry to prevent stale pocket listings from remaining in the system.


Buyer Need Marketplace - Our buyer-need marketplace is a type of online store which features real estate buyer-needs in a brand new way. Much like shopping on, your buyer-needs are displayed in a sortable, searchable "store" format which makes it simple for home sellers and listing agents to find your buyers and match them with their property for sale.


SMS Personal Assistant - Through its premium plan, Duvora offers you the real estate agents the very first SMS personal assistant for finding pocket listings, public data information and real estate services at your fingertips.


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