In this month's Agent Spotlight, we are proud to feature a Real Estate Agent who displays hard-work and determination in such and elegant and graceful fashion.

She has quickly joined the ranks in the Orange County luxury real estate market and skyrocketed into selling luxury homes through her unique use of social media and relationship-based networking.

Rana Zand MBA, a Senior Associate of the McMonigle Group, Newport Beach, CA is a key member of one of the highest producing, luxury real estate teams in Orange County, California.

As a daughter of a father who owned an architectural and civil engineering firm, Rana has taken to the intricacies of real estate from a very early age. She continues this legacy by consistently helping her clients achieve their real estate goals.

If you are thinking of buying or selling in the Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego or Riverside counties, reach out to Rana here.

So, what brought you to finding your career in real estate?

My passion for real estate began at a young age, as the daughter of a father who owned an architectural and civil engineering firm. Since I  was able to read, I've been drawing plans and blueprints for residential  and commercial designs.

After obtaining my Masters in Business  Administration in 2012, I earned my real estate license in order to sell  the homes my father was building. I acquired irreplaceable experience and knowledge during these transactions; from being part of a home’s  acquisition and being involved in each step of its rehabilitation, to reselling the home after its completion.

I soon built relationships  with various investors who utilized my help during their acquisition and  sale transactions as well.. and this is how my career in real estate began. Soon after, the consistency of my marketing plan increased my business and exposure, helping me add overseeing luxury listings in some of Orange County’s most elite neighborhoods to my career path, where the value of  inspired marketing is never overlooked.

Which areas do you currently serve?

I  work all of Orange County from North to South, and I work any price  range, from $200,000 investment opportunities to $20,000,000 luxury estates.

I still work with many of the investors who have been with me  since day 1, and those transactions with my investors actually range anywhere from Orange County to LA County, San Diego County and Riverside County, so I do not have one dedicated area, I am a traveling Realtor and happy to venture anywhere for the next exciting transaction.

And as a member of The McMonigle Team, my hard work, determination and dedication have earned me the position of, Luxury Home Specialist.  Hence, I also offer my real estate services fully equip with a brokerage  and team that can market high-end, coastal luxury homes to their fullest  potential with television commercials, a spread in our "m Magazine"  - which is a luxury magazine mailed to the residents of all the elite  neighborhoods within Orange County, as the experiential narrative on the  luxury Orange County lifestyle.

The sharpest photography and drone videography on the market today, pristine staging by Meridith Baer, high means of exposure via social media platforms, and no expense spared for  print marketing, amongst many other amenities when you sell or buy with me & my team.

What is your view on the current real estate market in general?

The housing market looks  like it may take a dip around the end of 2019 to 2020. However if prices  fall, that typically means mortgage rates will increase. If that  happens, it can essentially be a wash in some cases.

Although,  personally and professionally, I would rather have a lower mortgage rate than a less expensive home price, because mortgage rates usually extend over the course of 30 years, and lower rates have a more significant  impact on saving financially than if the price of the home was initially lower.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a real estate agent in your community?

One of the greatest feelings is when you hand clients keys to their new  home, and they're so grateful and thankful towards you. It can be a truly special moment. And when you help someone sell the home they've really needed to sell, and you were able to take the stress of it all  off of their shoulders - it is honestly so rewarding to be that helpful to someone.

Also,  I'm a people person and I truly enjoy building these business  relationships and friendships along the way of my career's path.

Thanks for the interview Rana!

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