In this month's Agent Spotlight, we are proud to feature a hard-working, dedicated Real Estate Agent who is able to successfully wear many different hats; while keeping her clients a top priority...


Jessalyn Wanlim, of Keller Williams, Studio City, CA has a close connection to the pulse of real estate in Los Angeles.

Having come from a diverse background of stage acting and television, Jessalyn knows what it takes to reach and maintain a broad audience of home buyer and sellers.

She has a keen understanding of each individual "personality" of a neighborhood and successfully and consistently brings value to all of her clients.

If you are thinking of buying or selling in the Los Angeles area, reach out to Jessalyn here.

So, what brought you to finding your career in real estate?

Living in Los Angeles, I've seen some of the craziest houses.

I was a bartender for years, going into homes, working private events, and it would always amaze me the kind of homes people have in this city.

Plus, I've always had a love for homes since I was kid, so I figured why not see where this career takes me.

A year and a half later, I fallen in love with helping people find their dream home, and it's the best decision I've made for myself.

Which areas in Los Angeles do you currently serve?

I don't really stick to a certain area because I have clients looking in different pockets of the city.

Right now, I'm everywhere from Studio City, Encino, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Miracle Mile and areas near LAX.

What is your view on the current real estate market in general?

To be honest, it's still going strong. There's not a lot of inventory out there, so the buyers who are serious are still out there putting in offers and competing for houses.

I have friends who tell me other people say it's not a good time to buy, but that's not true. Interest rates are slowly creeping up, and I've already had friends tell me they wish they'd listen to me!

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a real estate agent in your community?

Seeing a client fall in love with a home.

Always. It's so gratifying to be a part of someone's often biggest purchase of their life. I try to build a bond with the people I work with, so in the end, I'm falling in love with their home as much as they are.

That's what I love about it.

How has your experience been using Duvora to search for off-market listings for your clients?

Duvora is a mastermind for off-market networking.

The biggest surprise is that these agents actually respond to your emails or text messages! It's really refreshing to be a part of a network of agents that want to share their information and make a deal happen.

I'm on the site every day searching for my clients, and I just love how convenient and user-friendly it is.

Thanks for the interview Jessalyn!

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