8 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Today's post is not about more marketing, we're gonna be talking about more effective marketing.

8 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Today's post is not about more marketing, we're gonna be talking about more effective marketing.

Are you having a hard time thinking of new possible ways on how to improve your business? Maybe your business plan didn't work out the way you wanted it to be or your strategies and ideas are not as helpful as you thought.

That's okay, you can start over, plan new and fresher marketing ideas which I'm sure will help improve your business.

8 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

1.) Improve the Quality of your Photos

One of the most powerful tool in marketing is using high-quality photos. If you use a high-quality photo or a bespoke photo, customers will appreciate the beauty of the house you are selling and you are one step closer at sealing a deal.

These days, with the use of technology, there's really not enough reason for using low-quality photos in your listings.

Without spending too much money, you can add another skill to your resume and learn some photography hacks with  your smartphone's camera such as playing around with lighting, angles, and furniture or other objects placement.

The great news is that there are photo editing apps that you can use to even improve your photo and... did I mention that many of them are free?

Of course if you still find it too complex and you have the means, then invest and hire a professional photographer to help you take compelling photos of the property or development.

Your upgraded photos will surely make potential customers Check. You. Out.

2.) Produce Content Worthy of Everyone's Attention

Being a real estate agent, our main goal is to target clients who are thinking of buying or selling a home.

But what about the clients who are not actively thinking of buying or selling?

Having them see your posts that are purely focused on buying or selling can be a bit annoying.

What you want to do is to create content or posts that are not only for those clients who are buying or selling , but for those who are not yet decided as well.

It is important to post only what you know, not what you think you know. Produce content from your experiences as a real estate agent. Your objective is to be human, be relatable, be memorable as much as possible. You will earn good engagement from your posts and they are bound to be shared to others.

Through this, it will expand your exposure and thus, later on, will result to expanded market. When the time comes that these "uncommitted" clients decide to either buy or sell, you'll be on top of their minds.

3.) Step Up Your Social Media Game

Studies show that a regular person spends at least an hour a day just by browsing through social media or posting updates about their lives. But real estate agents? Do you think you are maximizing and utilizing social media to your business's advantage?

Imagine capturing all these target markets who are most of the time online? Social media is one of the fastest and easiest way to market and get noticed. Don't just post home listings, talk about other relevant content (as discussed in #2) that will surely spark interest from your target market, this will help alleviate your business. Social Media can help in earning engagement, trust, and creating that connection with your target market.

If you think I'm only talking about using Facebook Ads then you're behind. Learn from the masters of LinkedIn and think about leveraging that platform too.

4.) Actively Request for Referrals

It is proven and tested that referrals is one of the most rewarding marketing strategies but research shows that almost half of the percentage of real estate agents are not spending any money on referrals monthly.

Don't make the same mistake.

Plan and construct a marketing approach to ask  for referrals. There is no better marketing strategy than the word of mouth. People will tend to believe recommendations coming from their relatives and friends. So you better put yourself out there, don't be shy and ask your happy and satisfied clients to refer you if ever they know someone who's looking for or selling a home.

5.) Organize your Database

Having a disorganized database is surely going to give you a headache.

Imagine having all these relevant data and information but you failed to organize it properly, I doubt that you'll be able to utilize it at its full potential. All your hard work in gathering these details will be put to waste.

Assuring that your database is clean and updated will bring forth vital impact to your business. It affects the deliver-ability of the emails you are sending and will affect on how wide your reach can go.

It is important to take time to organize your database to as well update and remove unnecessary details to make most of your marketing efforts.

6.) Follow up with Clients

It is relevant and essential to always stay connected and in touch with your past and potential clients.

We all know that buying or selling a house doesn't happen always happen to normal people but if it does, we want to make sure that we are on top of their list on who to call.

You can start by sending newsletters regularly or send them relevant contents about real life information that is meant to help not only to sell. In this way, they will feel that you give value to them and in the event that they require your service, they will call you guaranteed.

A phone call won't bite. It won't take up too much of your time,money and effort to call your past clients after days or months of moving in to their new house. Ask them how is it going so far. If you then have a small budget you can send them birthday or holiday cards to connect to them in a more personal way and not only for business.

7.) Amplify Your Website by Adding Live Chat

Live Chat is one of the most efficient and powerful marketing approach in terms of website conversion.

You want to be there when your clients need you most and through live chat, your  website now has 24/7 live coverage. Through this, whenever they have queries, questions and clarification, you have the ability to answer right away, real time so they won't go anywhere else.

You can use ReadyChat to step up your website. It is a platform specifically designed and created for real estate agents.

8.) Marketing Automation

Follow up, managing leads, lead conversion, sharing and generating contents, etc. These are just some of the daily tasks real estate agents do and it can be a bit overwhelming. It is a vital part of a business success to manage all these.

Making your marketing automated such as using email and social media is a good way to connect with your audience and clients even if you don't have time to take them out for lunch or give them a call.

The list of tools on how to automate your marketing is endless. I might round up some of the best ones in one of our upcoming blogs.

Be sure to leverage online and offline tools and keep these 8 marketing ideas in mind to level up your business. Talk to you soon!

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