7+ Technology Tools For Realtors [And How to Use Them]

A collection of the hottest technology trends and resources on how to use them to attract more clients.

7+ Technology Tools For Realtors [And How to Use Them]

1. Matterport

Matterport is advanced software which turns your listings into virtual 3-D walkthroughs. Virtual tours are becoming a very integral part of selling luxury properties, especially for foreign buyers.


How to use:
Obviously for cost reasons, you'll want to only use Matterport for your high-end listings. This is especially useful when you list a home in an area with a lot of foreign buyers, or buyers who are transitioning from other areas to live in your particular area.

2. BombBomb

BombBomb is the leader in providing video email. Video email allows the person receiving your email to instantly view a video within the email itself, as opposed to visiting and external link.


How to use:
Video email works great to "humanize" your lead generation strategy. For example, if you've only been able to speak to a prospect via phone, then drop them a video email, they are then able to put a face to the person and make a more personal connection.

3. Doorsteps

Doorsteps is an online workspace that allows agents and loan officers to guide, educate and empower their clients through the homebuying experience in a clear, comprehensive and delightful way.


How to use:
Use Doorsteps to nuture your buyers through the home buying process through education. It will save you a ton of time by providing them with Doorsteps tutorials and learning materials.

4. MyReelty

MyReelty is like the YouTube for listing videos. If you have a new listing, you can book their video professionals to come shoot a video for you and upload it to their site. It's different from YouTube in the fact that the traffic to the site is highly interested in real estate.


How to use:
Use their "Day in the life" section to showcase your talent as a Realtor by becoming your neighborhood specialist. This is a new feature to their site, so getting in early will definitely be an advantage.

5. Duvora

Duvora is hands-down the most advanced pocket listing site out there. You can upload a buyer-need or pocket listing and it will be immediately matched to other buyer-needs or pocket listings to create potential "deals".


You can also search their database of pocket listings or buyer needs and contact the Realtor directly.

How to use
Instead of posting your buyer needs on social media, post them to Duvora and get "match alerts" sent to your email. You will save tons of time and ultimately close more deals.

6. Truplace

TruPlace offers the most comprehensive selection of professional real estate photography, professional vacation rental photography, image enhancement technology and interactive floor plan tours on the planet – with consistent quality from coast to coast.


How to use
Use their menu of photography services to pick and choose your exact needs. You can have them brighten photos, create floorplans, drone footage, etc. Choose services as you go, rather than overpaying one individual for everything.

7. Sync.com

Share files and folders with clients and co-workers quick and easy, with secure links. Unlike Dropbox, the receiving person does not need to register an account.


How to use
Consider Sync as a safer alternative for transferring files to clients and collegues. No file size or traffic limits and recipients of links get instant access, no Sync account required.