3 ways Realtors can get better lead conversions

Realtors can rake in **A LOT OF LEADS** through different types of activities but the most important thing is how you'll be able to maximize those leads and how to **CONVERT** them.

3 ways Realtors can get better lead conversions

Personally speaking, I believe that the real estate business is not always about numbers.

Realtors can rake in A LOT OF LEADS through different types of activities but the most important thing is how you'll be able to maximize those leads and how to CONVERT them.

In today's post, I want to talk to you guys about some ways that you can get better conversions on your existing leads.


1. Use Video Email

Being able to leverage technological advancements can help us make our job easier and more efficient. Nowadays, people are using video email to break through the noise. There's a great company called Bombbomb. It's an on-demand email video which allows you to record a message and send it to your client. I also featured Bombbomb in one of my previous blog. You can also check that out.

Video email is very effective due to the fact that it's a more personal approach - especially when you incorporate your client's name in the video. It can also be more engaging to watch a video rather than reading a wordy email. It will spark more attention and curiosity to the clients as well.

Show your face

It's also important to always put your face across all your media platforms so clients will easily remember and recognize your face.

There's still a lot of agents who don't have their photos in their email signature and I cannot stress enough how important it is to do so.

Put your face in any communication you have with the client be it email, text/SMS, any media - they are going to make a connection.

2. Do Follow Ups religiously

How quickly you do a follow up and how well you handle the conversation can greatly affect whether or not a lead converts.

Ideally, you want to follow up while you or your brand is still on the top the of client's mind. This requires timing so the lead won't feel annoyed or pressured.

Also, don't focus only to the leads that you think will be the main source of your business. You should also consider those leads who slips through the cracks.

There is potential in every lead

It's important to have a solid process wherein you have a standard template that you use in every client that you meet. You'll never know who will be a buyer or a seller down the road. Put everyone in your funnel, make sure everybody gets your marketing campaign, everybody that you meet, everybody you can make a contact with.

The more leads you can generate, the more chances you have in increasing your conversion rate.

3. Refer other leads to other agents

Sometimes you have a lot of leads and some of them - as mentioned earlier - slips through the cracks.

Of course, you should always find a way to avoid this from happening. But some leads can be out of your area, or out of your expertise level. Instead of letting these leads slip through your hands, you can always refer them to other agents and get a referral fee. You're going to meet a lot of people, some of them can be out of your jurisdiction, your farm area or your price range but don't let these leads go to waste.

If you can't maximize them to your advantage, you can always endorse them to those who can.

You can also check out ReferralExchange.com and other referral connection services that you can use. This is another useful way that you can use to increase conversion rates.

It's not necessarily the whole commission but at the end of the day, it still helps.

Convert MORE leads, more EFFECTIVELY

Your lead conversion rate will depend on how much are you willing to invest may it be time, money or effort. It all depends on how hardworking, persistent and committed you are in achieving your targets.

I hope you're able to get value out of this. I look forward to hearing how these ideas work to help you increase lead conversion. You can hit me up at support@duvora.com. Talk to you guys soon.

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