You’re almost there…

Your listing presentation went well, they seem to agree with your terms and you seem to “click” with their personality.

So what’s the hold up? Should you just learn to be more patient and let them come to you?

When you find yourself standing at the goal-line, yet just can’t seem to get the seller to commit to signing a listing, there are a few things you can add to your arsenal which might change their mind.

Keep in mind, these tips are designed to “give a little” to get a little, so don’t be greedy and expect these to work :)

Here are the tip to help you get the listing signed:

1. Offer Services At Closing

Depending on the particular seller’s situation, there will most always be a need for some type of service. Some of the most popular services will be relocation and cleaning. So offering these type of services in a “concierge” type of package is very attractive to a seller.

These type of services work particularly well for out-of-town owners, sellers who’ve inherited the property upon the owner passing, etc.

In some of the higher-end luxury markets, things like art appraisers and estate sales companies also work well. Forming relationships with these companies and exchanging business also works very well as you’ll often receive discounted rates, etc. Just check with your local real estate board regarding what is allowed and what isn’t.

2. Offer Buyer Exclusions

This is particularly useful if you’re trying to lock down a FSBO listing or a listings in a hot market which is being courted by buyers trying to submit offers directly to the owner.

Offering a buyer exclusions are a great way to say, “Hey, I know that you might be considering an offer from John Doe next door, but why don’t we put it on the market and see what else you can get? If John Doe ends up buying your home, I won’t receive any commission, as he is YOUR buyer”.

Now please keep in mind, of course you only want to offer this if this is your ONLY option to get the seller to consider listing with you. And of course, this has to be a sizzling hot property in a very high-demand area to make it worth your while.

3. Offer To Co-List (if necessary)

Are the sellers absolutely stuck on their current agent? Do they absolutely feel obligated to ONLY use this particular agent? Why not offer to co-list?

Now, I realize that the other agent might stomp their feet and give them a resounding “NO WAY”, but it least it shows the seller that you are willing to compromise your commission in order to give their home the maximum amount of exposure and resources available.

I hope these tips give you a few ideas to try when you find yourself stuck.

This is a guest blog post by Derek Devore, founder of Duvora, a the most advanced platform for real estate "pocket listings" available.