Duvora is one of the fastest growing off-market (pocket) listing marketplace for real estate agents.

Inside of Duvora, there's the community feed. Every agent will have their own community once he/she signed up (which is free).

In the community, you can post off-market needs, buyer needs, and you can see responses from other agents, etc.

It works a lot like Facebook, but there's a huge difference and that is... anything that anyone posts in this feed is automatically added to our database to be MATCHED to either buyer-needs or pocket listings.

If a pocket listing is added, we add it to the database to be matched with buyer needs and vice versa, if a buyer need is added, it is matched to a corresponding pocket listing.  You can easily access these in your "My Buyers" and "My Listings" tab.

Part of Duvora's value is its innovation.

We review feedback every now and then and from there give updates and efforts to improve the platform. This way it will continue to make more impact, meet new requirements and just make it a simpler and more useful application for real estate agents, buyers, and sellers.

This month we have 3 new features to go over so let's go ahead and dive right in.

1.) Live Video

Duvora now has a functionality to take a video - not just a linked video from Youtube, not just an uploaded video, but a real live video that you can take using your phone or whatever device you are using. There's an added tab on the home screen that says "Video".

Once you click on that tab, you can take or upload a video where you talk about your pocket listing, your buyer needs or anything that's going to benefit the community into closing more deals together.

Video Transcription

The great thing about this video is that not only does it post inside of the community but the team at Duvora takes your video and they transcribe it into text.

Say you did a video about a 2-bedroom , 2- bath, Spanish style home that you have coming up in Monrovia for $500,000.

The team will take that information and they will add it to your listings section - meaning it's going to be matched to buyers and vice versa if you do a video describing all your buyer needs we're going to take that information and transcribe that for you and put it into your my buyers section.

We are going to do all the manual work for you.

If you hate typing like I do, you can just simply talk on a video and it's gonna get posted and that's a huge time saver!

2.) Sharing Opportunities.

If you've used the system, you know when you upload something you have the ability to share it while you're uploading it. You can share it to social media.

Say you upload a buyer need: A client is looking for a 4-Bedroom 4-Bath in Bel Air with the price range of up to $12,000,000.

The next screen that you guys get to after you click submit, you can share that out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You can also send it out to bunch of email addresses. They'll get a nice presentation of that particular buyer need or pocket listing out to your social media.

So you don't have to go out to each individual social media channel, you can do it inside Duvora.

Just like everything else, it gets matched to its opposite side (If you upload pocket listings it's gonna get matched with -> buyer needs, vice versa).

Sharing also applies to old listings that you have not only to the new ones you are yet to upload. Just go to your "My Listings" tab and on the right side of your listing click on the "Share" button.

See? That's another tedious job down.

3.) Facebook Log in

We've put in a  Facebook log in so you can now log in to your Duvora account through Facebook. You don't have to come up and remember your username and password or if you are on a new device  that didn't remember your username or password, you can log in through Facebook with one click.

On the home screen page before you Sign in, at the top portion you will see "Login with Facebook ".

If you click on that and input your Facebook ID, it's gonna be a one click log in and you'll be inside Duvora and have access to everything you normally have access to without having to fill out anything.

Easy right? One-click access

There's a lot more in DUVORA

As you can see, the list of updates for August 2018 is not long, but they are for sure some huge improvements and we’re really eager to see how it's gonna go for our users and what will be next.

With all these new features, it'll be much easier for us to get that lead and close the deal.

What do you guys think of our new feature releases? Let us know thru support@duvora.com or if there are other features that we can work on we'll be so happy to hear from you. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on any update we have.

See you again tomorrow for another blog post. Talk to you soon!

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